Enrolled Families

Technology Help Desk

Hours: Monday-Friday (7:30AM-3:30PM)

Troubleshooting Options:

  1. Click here to fill out a Helpdesk ticket. Use your STUDENT email account and six digit password to login.
  2. Call Mr. Doucette in the Helpdesk at 920-940-8996.
  3. TeamViewer requested by the Helpdesk. Once instructed by a technician, click the icon below, a short download will begin. Open the download and click “RUN”. The technician will guide you through the remainder of the process.
            For assistance, please contact Branden Doucette at bdoucette@nosd.edu or by calling 920-940-8996.

If you are getting numerous notification pop-ups in the lower right-hand corner please follow the instruction below to turn them off. Click here for instructions.

Resolution:  You will need to check the flash setting and allow flash to run.  Click here for instructions.

1. Check Zoom settings

    • On the pop-up prompts for a meeting ID just before joining a meeting, leave the following settings unchecked:
      • Do not connect to audio
      • Turn off my video

2. Close out of other apps/websites

3. Test the audio & video

    • The link HERE will test your internet connection.  

4. Check your PC settings

    • Sometimes a webcam can be blocked on your computer. Make sure your settings are connected to the appropriate source. 

5. Uninstall and reinstall Zoom. 

Make sure everyone in your meeting is muted.

  • Change the connection to something with a wired connection, if possible. 
  • Zoom requires a minimum of 3mb upload and another 6mb download per session.
  • Check your connection speed.
    • The link HERE will test your internet speed.
  • Close out of other apps/websites.
  • Turn off video to free up bandwidth.

 When you add in multiple devices (and multiple students) the bandwidth of a home connection can become saturated very quickly. By having cell phones, other computers, tv streaming, video consoles, and smart devices that are connected to the same wireless all are transferring data even when not in use. You may need to remove some devices from your home network to guarantee a better connection for schooling needs.

If there is a system-wide outage, Zoom will notify people HERE