Comparing Virtual School to Traditional and Homeschooling in Wisconsin

When it comes to choosing an educational route for your children, there are many factors that you need consider. To help make this decision easier for parents looking at options online here’s an informative chart reviewing all aspects involved when choosing between schooling opportunities. Take time to review each format, from virtual school to traditional school, to see which opportunity will provide your children with the best education to fit their needs. 

Grounded The Best-Version-Of-Yourself
Wisconsin Virtual Learning Brick & Morter School Distict Homeschool
State-certified Teachers All of our teachers are state-certified to teach in the state of Wisconsin
In-person classes Live classes, Independent classes, or a blended combination of learning pathways
Support staff No certified teachers or support staff
Curriculum State of the art curriculum and technology provided, shipped directly to your home Parental Investment in curriculum, books, and supplies
School Counselor
School Psychologist
School Fees Optional $50 fee to borrow a laptop per student, per school year. Required to pay school fees that could add up to hundreds of dollars each year.
Clubs Flexible, online & virtual clubs at every grade level! Additional in person club outings as well! Club opportunities will vary based on your local school.
Outings/ Field Trips In-person and virtual outings held every month Occasional Field Trips throughout the year Parental Supported Field Trips planned by an adult
Socialization Students use a web camera to socialize before and after class, in study hall and school supported outings and clubs Parental Support
Safe learning environment
Student Learning Advocate In addition to brick and mortar supports, we provide a Student Learning Advocate to orientate and guide you to find success along the way
Learning Coach Learning Coach involvement is required for success! A Learning Coach could be a parent, guardian, grandparent or another responsible adult Adult commitment and involvement for success
Public School Diploma WVL’s diploma holds the same weight as any other public school diploma!
In-person Graduation Ceremony It's all about the expierence!
Remains Open In Bad Weather Learning takes place anytime, anywhere!
Internet Service Reimbursement (ISP) Reimbursement Families are reimbursed at the end of the school year to help offset their internet costs.

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