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We're Sorry. We are no longer Accepting Summer School Applications.

Now Accepting Summer School Applications for 2021!

  • Have you wanted more enrichment courses for your middle school student?
  • Have you wanted to work ahead to earn high school credit?
  • Have you needed to open up your academic schedule to make time for sports, clubs, and AP courses? 
  • Do you need to make up failed credit? 
  • Have you wanted to explore new courses in career pathways?

WVL Summer School 2021 can help you achieve those goals!

* There are no fees or costs passed on to the resident school district for students who enroll in WVL courses over the summer. Students may take 1 course through WVL Summer School. 

*Students should devote a minimum of 4 hours per day to each summer school course taken.

Summer School Application Deadline is June 1, 2021

How to Apply:

  1. Select the course(s) your student would like to enroll in from the Summer School Course Guide (Choose 1 course).
  2. A parent/guardian should complete page 1 of the Summer School Application Form. This form must be printed and signed by the parent/ guardian prior to sending it to Ms. Baumann.
  3. A parent/ guardian should send Ms. Baumann ( the Summer School Application with the portions the parent has completed. Please include the name of the student’s school counselor or principal to approve the request on page 2 of the application. Please send the application to: Ann Baumann, District Registrar, 401 Highland Dr., Fredonia, WI 53021 or by email at
  4. Ms. Baumann will contact the student’s school counselor or principal to obtain approval for the summer school course(s).
  5. Ms. Baumann will notify the parent once the approval has been obtained for their student’s application request.
  6. Parents are encouraged to also reach out to the student’s school counselor so that they are aware of their intentions to enroll in WVL Summer School for scheduling purposes.

Please contact Ms. Baumann for any questions:

Ann Baumann
District Registrar
401 Highland Dr.
Fredonia, WI 53021
F: 262.692.3952

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