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College Entrance Exams

Most colleges require test scores for admission and placement purposes.  All Wisconsin students take the ACT test during the spring of their junior year.  This score will be acceptable for college admissions applications. Students frequently increase their scores when they re-take an ACT or SAT test, and college-bound students are encouraged to take it a second time.  The vast majority of college admissions and scholarship committees will use your highest set of scores; therefore, there is nothing to lose by retaking a test.  


To register for the ACT visit:  
To register for the SAT visit:

The high school code for Wisconsin Virtual Learning is 500708.    


WVL students have access to comprehensive online ACT and SAT test preparation programs that provide diagnostic tests, study materials, and practice questions; followed by a full-length practice exam in each core subject area.   

Both the ACT and SAT websites have test preparation information available to students:  


Testing Dates & Deadlines:

For ACT dates and deadlines visit:
For SAT dates and deadlines visit:

Testing Locations: