Middle & High School Pathways

WVL Offers Personalized Learning Pathways

Wisconsin Virtual Learning offers three different pathway options for middle and high school students. The first, the virtual pathway, offers students live classes that meet at a specific day and time each week. Out of the three pathways, this allows for the most teacher support. Students attend class to learn and interact with their classmates.

The second option is the independent pathway. If it is determined that this pathway is the best fit for the child, the student works through the curriculum at their own pace, with teacher support during office hours or study hall. This is a great option for highly motivated students that may want to move through the curriculum at a faster pace than their classmates.

Lastly, the blended pathway, allows students to combine both the virtual and independent pathway. For example, a student may need more support in math and language arts so he or she could take those two classes virtually. That same student could then take science and social studies independently so he or she could move through those courses at a faster pace.

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