Virtual School- Is it the Right Fit?

Traits of a Successful Student:

  1. Basic understanding of technology- Students should be comfortable navigating around a computer and programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, email, and be willing to learn additional programs such as applications in Google Drive.
  2. Patience for the learning curve- Anything new takes time to get used to, and online learning is no exception. There are live and pre-recorded orientation sessions that aim to familiarize students and parents with the program, teachers host daily or weekly office hours, and there are loads of resources available for the taking. It is only when students don’t take advantage of these things that their learning curve is prolonged and they end up falling behind or not completing the program. Patience and effort go a long way!
  3. Good time-management skills- Students will need to develop a daily schedule that will include virtual class times, time to complete the lessons and assignments, along with obligations outside of school.  Upon completion of this schedule, students will need to commit to following it.
  4. Dedication- Students must be dedicated to their studies, their schedule, and doing their best. It will be vital that they read and follow directions, communicate questions, and be willing to keep working toward their educational goals, even if they are struggling and want to give up.
  5. Organization- Students will need to be able to organize their physical and online workspace to create online folders, label and date things clearly, know how to locate assignments, notes, and resources.
  6. Student email account that is checked often- At WVL students and families are assigned a school email account that they must check daily.                
*Developed by Stephanie Jankowski