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Post Secondary Planning

Wisconsin Virtual Learning is committed to providing a strong foundation for all students to develop the knowledge, skills, and preparedness that will enable them to be successful in the postsecondary endeavors of their choice. In accordance with new legislation by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Xello has been selected as the platform to deliver an innovative, individualized, and evolving college and career readiness program designed to better prepare all students in regards to their postsecondary interests, assist them to make well-informed decisions about their futures, and equip them with the information, resources, and abilities that are often necessary to become successful within an increasingly competitive and changing economy.

Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, all Wisconsin Virtual Learning students [grades 9-12] will be required to have an individualized Academic & Career Plan (ACP). Although all students at WVL already have student-specific learning plans, this new initiative not only highlights the importance of postsecondary planning, but also provides students, parents, and educators with the opportunity to more closely review, augment, and formalize such services. 

Wisconsin Virtual Learning’s ACP programming will include additional learning opportunities related to college and career planning, in-depth research and decision making, academic skill application, occupation and labor market information, meaningful course selection, work-based and service learning opportunities, career to employment exercises, youth apprenticeship, cooperative education, volunteerism, job shadowing, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, resume development, and employability skills training. 

Accordingly, all students at Wisconsin Virtual Learning will prepare and maintain a formal and personalized academic and career plan that will be accompanied by recurring intervals of Xello initiatives. Throughout the course of each school year, WVL staff will actively integrate ACP into its classroom instruction and support services curriculum, and allow students to explore, plan, and manage the development of their ACP portfolios. 

For more information please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Academic & Career Planning homepage, http://dpi.wi.gov/acp. Wisconsin Virtual Learning has also created an ACP web page to be used by students, parents, and staff members as an access point to Xello: https://login.xello.world

Please reference the following documents included for your review:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Matthew Olson, school counselor, at 262.692.3988 ext. 439, or molson@nosd.edu.