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Online Elementary School

Wisconsin Virtual Learning’s online elementary school is a wonderfully unique offering that can’t be found anywhere else in Wisconsin.  We offer real teachers that love kids and seeing them grow into the learners you want to see.  While most schools give you the materials you need and leave the rest up to you, WVL supports you in material and education supports. Our teachers meet with you weekly to help guide your child through the math and reading lessons.  The age and needs of your child helps the teacher work with you to determine exactly what supports you will need.


We have mastered the delicate balance of support and freedom, flexibility and accountability. 

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Throughout the school year there are many opportunities for students to interact in various events throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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Preview one of our live classes at the elementary school level.

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We Love Our Families & They Love Us!

We love WVL! My girls have both excelled and it makes me so happy to see! The teachers care about their students and their success!
Kim Rohloff
WVL is a great place to learn!! Teachers and staff care deeply about your child education!! No worries there! We have been a part of WVL for the last 2 years and totally love it!! I've encouraged a few families to join including my niece!!!
Kim Schleicher Van Gorden

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