Tuition-Free, Online School in Wisconsin for 4k-12th Grade

WVL: We Value Learning

Wisconsin Virtual Learning meets individual learning needs to foster success within academics and life beyond school.

Wisconsin Virtual Learning (WVL) is a tuition free 4K-12th grade online public school with highly qualified and experienced Wisconsin-certified teachers and a track record of over a decade of student success. Our passion is to do whatever it takes to help each child reach their full potential. WVL offers a diverse selection of learning pathways including online classes, independent learning, and curriculum choices to best meet the individual learning styles and needs of each of our students.

Why Choose Wisconsin Virtual Learning

Wisconsin Virtual Learning works with students all around Wisconsin. Our online school offers both flexibility as well as unique opportunities for our 4k-12th grade students. Here are a few things that really set us apart as a virtual school:

Wi Certified Teachers

All of our teachers are located in Wisconsin and state certified. They are accessible by office hours, study hall, email, and phone calls.

Live Classes

Our live classes are interactive and engaging. We also record classes for students who are unable to attend or need additional review.

Flexible Pathways

We offer three individual pathways that are created to help students succeed: Virtual, Blended, and Independent.

Student & Family Support

At WVL we really believe in a team approach to helping your student succeed and offer many layers of support.

College/Career Planning​

We prepare students for college or future careers in a safe and monitored environment.

Advanced & AP Courses​

We have a growing number of AP courses as well as many college and career prep opportunities.

Social Opportunities

Throughout the year we have many opportunities for students and teachers to meet and socialize.

Pioneer in Virtual Ed

For over 14 years, we have been educating students online.

Online Public School: 4K-12th Grade

Elementary School

Our online elementary school is a wonderfully unique offering that can't be found anywhere else in Wisconsin. We offer real teachers that love kids and seeing them grow into the learners you want to see.

Middle School

Our online middle school allows middle school students the flexibility to self-pace: taking their time with difficult concepts, digging deeper into interesting topics and moving through other material at a faster rate.

High School

Our online high school gives emerging adults a jump start on the freedoms and correlating responsibilities of being an adult. Colleges and employers are repeatedly amazed by the students that graduate from WVL.

Executive Director's Message​

Welcome to Wisconsin Virtual Learning! I am Michael Leach, the WVL Executive Director and Principal. I am proud to be working with students and families from all over Wisconsin, enrolled in grades K-12. Over the past 15 years, WVL has offered many things to our students from courses to flexible learning models. Our staff are tremendously committed to making learning happen for all students. I am available to talk about learning and your child at "virtually" any time as I have an open door policy. If you have an idea, care, concern, or compliment, I welcome the feedback as it can only help our organization to grow. Please feel free to contact WVL and begin your child's learning journey today!
Respectfully Yours,
Michael Leach

Parent Testimonials​

"WVL provides an educational environment where my children have excelled. They can focus on academics without the distractions of some public schools. They have grown in confidence in interacting with peers and teachers. They are learning valuable life skills for the future. My girls are confident in communicating via email and becoming proficient in computer technology. They are independent and have learned the value of time management. WVL was the best decision that we have ever made. I only wish my older girls would have had that option."
Tammy Manguilli
"My daughter was enrolled because she was ahead of her peers. I chose WVL so that she would be able to learn at her own pace and not be held back by our local district as I had been. When my son was old enough to join WVL, we hadn't expected him to have learning issues. Now, I am happy with his schooling as I feel his is getting the help he needs to succeed. I also feel I have the freedom to make necessary changes to help him in his learning. With these changes, I have begun to see improvements in his learning. Thank you for being an option for our family."
Barbie Giannone
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