High School

Online High School

Interested in learning more about Online High School with Wisconsin Virtual Learning?

Here at Wisconsin Virtual Learning, your high school student will have the opportunity to get the education they want and need in a fashion that molds to their learning style. WVL offers online high school courses that move at a standard pace or faster for those students that can’t be contained to a traditional schedule and pace. We have students that are professional athletes, full-time ballerinas, and all walks of life.

WVL’s course catalog contains information for both students and parents about courses offered at Wisconsin Virtual Learning.

WVL offers a diverse selection of learning pathways including online classes and independent learning to best meet the individual learning styles and needs of each student.

WVL’s Online High School is on a credit system and aligns with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s High School Graduation Standards for course requirements.


Wisconsin Virtual Learning offers Advanced Placement Courses, which offers the opportunity to receive credit and advanced standing at most universities.

Wisconsin Virtual Learning offers college preparatory courses that are designed to help prepare students to continue with their post-secondary education.

Wisconsin Virtual Learning works with students who have struggled at a traditional high school by offering credit recovery.

WVL is committed to providing a strong foundation to develop the knowledge & skills that will enable them to be successful in the post-secondary endeavors of their choice.