Virtual School Student on laptop

How to be a Successful Virtual School Student

As a virtual school student, you will have the opportunity to enjoy more flexibility than you might encounter at an in-person public school. Virtual school doesn’t mean you don’t have to establish good habits and a strong routine to be a successful virtual school student, though. Whether you’re returning for another year of virtual lessons or new to virtual school, it’s important to ensure you’re set up for success. 

Why Environment Matters for a Virtual School Student

Some people learn best sitting at a desk, and some learn better with more flexible seating options. Of course, a designated desk and chair aren’t the only option for a virtual school student, but how your space is set up can greatly impact your learning experience. For example, even the best seating arrangement won’t help you do well if you’re distracted or don’t have good lighting to take notes or read. 

When you settle in for your day’s lessons, you want to avoid interruptions. Before you begin your school day, it’s a good idea to ensure you have all the supplies and tools you’ll need for your lessons. 

You won’t spend time in the hallways between classes like at an in-person school, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take breaks throughout the day. Incorporating breaks into your schedule gives your brain the time it needs to process information and can also help boost your ability to focus and creative thinking skills. Get up, move around, and make sure your body has the food and movement it needs to feel its best. 

When you’re setting up your space, don’t forget one of the most vital tools for a virtual school student: your device! Whether you’re using a computer or a tablet to access your online lessons, make sure you have a steady connection with a device you can trust. Dropped connections and interruptions break your concentration and can be really frustrating; when you can, it’s a good idea to take steps to prevent them. 

Another part of your environment is your overall routine. One of the great things about virtual school is the ability to work at the best times for you and at your own pace. This could mean you may start a bit later in the morning than on-site school or even work at night if that’s what’s best for you. The important thing is you try to keep the same schedule every day to the best of your ability because consistency and routine are key to virtual school student success. 

How Good Communication Can Shape Your Experience as a Virtual School Student

You may not be in the same room with your teachers and classmates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t establish relationships and foster good communication with them. It’s always a good idea to stay in communication with your instructors, establishing a rapport that allows you to ask for help when you need it as a virtual school student. 

Engaging with your classmates whenever possible is another way to impact your online learning experience positively. Working alone all the time can feel isolating for many students, and those feelings of isolation can affect many areas of your life. Join a study group for school and social support, participate in discussions with your fellow students, and consider joining interest or hobby groups. Extracurricular activities aren’t just for in-person school; as a virtual school student, you also have access to clubs, groups, and teams dedicated to virtual learners. 

Your habits, environment, routine, and emotional health impact your experience as a virtual school student. Success isn’t only your responsibility, but you’ll need the right program to thrive. Wisconsin Virtual Learning is an accredited online school dedicated to providing support for success. Learn more!