parents make learning fun with kids

How To Make Learning Fun: Tips for Parents of Virtual Students

As a parent or caregiver for a child attending virtual school, you naturally want to ensure your child is engaged and motivated throughout their school day. One of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is to find ways to make learning fun. Incorporating interactive activities, real-world examples, and positive reinforcement can all help your child develop a love for learning that will inspire them to keep reaching throughout their academic journey. 

Create a Dedicated Learning Space

Whether it’s the quiet corner of a shared room or a separate room entirely dedicated to school and learning, a dedicated space goes a long way toward making virtual learning more enjoyable for kids. Get your student in on the fun by soliciting their opinions about the learning space and encouraging them to take an active role in setting it up for future learning success. Ensure the things your student needs to complete their work are within reach, and add personal touches like fun decorations and posters to keep the space inviting. 

Make Learning Fun with Interactive Learning Tools and Hands-On Activities

Interactive tools can be incredibly effective, not just in helping your student learn but also in keeping things fun and engaging. Educational apps and games can teach new concepts in fun, interesting ways that keep students coming back for more and retaining the information they learn. Digital resources and interactive learning tools can be highly effective for keeping kids motivated, but investing in hands-on, real-world activities is equally important.

As a virtual learner, your student does spend time doing schoolwork and activities through virtual avenues. However, incorporating hands-on activities isn’t just an effective way to make learning fun and keep kids engaged; it’s vital to a well-rounded education. For example, use manipulatives, conduct science experiments, and complete art projects to teach new concepts. 

How Group Work, Taking Breaks, and Games Make Learning Fun

Taking breaks throughout the day is essential to helping your student stay motivated and focused. Encouraging short breaks for stretching, moving around, and doing something fun will refresh kids’ minds and foster more engagement with schoolwork over the course of the day. 

Group work is another key part of keeping virtual learners happy and excited about school. Socialization is vital for kids’ well-being, and virtual learning can be isolating without a concerted effort to create group learning opportunities. Participating in school groups and clubs and taking an active role in group projects helps students foster social connections and makes the process more fun across the board. While planning your virtual students’ schedule, make a point of including time for group work. 

Finally, consider turning learning into a game whenever you can. Use trivia games to reinforce new concepts, for example, or make a contest of completing learning tasks. Also, look for board games and card games that reinforce the concepts your student is currently working on and integrate them into family game night. 

Setting Your Virtual Student Up for Success

As a parent or caregiver, you want your child to succeed academically while developing a life-long love of learning. Of course, trying to make learning fun and supporting new concepts are vital parts of that, but so is positive reinforcement. Your student needs to be rewarded with praise, small gifts, or special treats for hard work and hitting important milestones. Acknowledge progress and celebrate those milestones, regardless of how small they may seem. Each is another brick in the foundation of your student’s education and an essential part of their overall growth. 

Virtual schooling provides opportunities for young children and allows them to approach those opportunities from a place of flexibility. There are a host of benefits to virtual schooling and just as many ways to make learning fun in a virtual school setting. Contact WVL today to learn more about our online school and all the ways we strive to support your student’s education.