Online School

5 Ways Online School Can Benefit Children’s Mental Health

A child’s education is foundational in preparation for successful living, and online school can be of enormous value, especially for certain children. There are many advantages to virtual learning. First, parents need to be well informed about the mental health benefits when deciding whether to enroll in a brick-and-mortar school.

After virtual learning became necessary during the pandemic, some parents became concerned about how online school may negatively impact their children’s mental health. They may not have considered the quality of the online learning programs and the fallout from the stress and anxiety of the pandemic itself. Teachers who used to provide lessons in person had to adapt quickly to a new way of learning.

On the other hand, well-established online schools have trained instructors and a curriculum specifically designed to enhance the educational experience of the virtual student. You can well imagine the difference between teachers trained to teach in a virtual classroom and having years of experience in this modality compared to those thrust into it with little or no experience. 

With experienced instructors, online school provides your child with several benefits:

Less Anxiety
Everyone, including children, has felt more anxiety in the past few years due to the unprecedented changes that need to be made in daily living. Anxiety can adversely affect a student’s school performance. Unfortunately, anxiety and depression are on the rise among teens and younger children.

The competition between students in a brick-and-mortar school environment can become fierce. It is common for some students to buckle under pressure to perform well. These students may develop mental health issues such as eating disorders, depression, acting out, shutting down, and more.

Online school provides a safe environment where students can learn at their own pace. These students can compete with themselves, providing a level playing field and helping them learn to strive to do better with each step comfortably.

Online School Provides a Sense of Safety
School violence has caused many students to become fearful of attending school. Parents also have doubts about their child’s safety. Although most schools are very safe, as school violence escalates and detailed news reports are aired, it is not surprising that students’ mental health is affected, and their ability to learn is compromised.

One of the biggest problems with in-person schooling of late is the proliferation of bullying. Students can feel uncomfortable at school and, in extreme cases, feel unsafe, making school attendance a serious problem.

Online school eliminates this problem. Your child gets to learn in a comfortable and safe environment. At Wisconsin Virtual Learning Center, we also provide opportunities for students to have social interactions throughout the year, so they do not miss out on social events, clubs, or extracurricular activities with other students.

Flexibility for a Better Experience
Traditional schools can provide structure and routine, which can be important for some students. However, other students can be stifled. These students thrive and flourish with flexibility and a customized schedule that works for them. Online students can adjust their days to be at their best during peak learning times, which may not fit the traditional school structure. This flexibility creates a better learning environment and leads to a happier, more productive learning experience.

Fewer Distractions
When you create the ideal learning environment at home for your child, distractions are less likely to occur, and your child can focus on learning. This helps develop a positive attitude toward the educational process. Other students talking during lessons and other distractions are no longer a part of daily school life. Your child can become fully engaged in the lesson.

Feelings of Success
Online school provides an opportunity for students to make some choices about their own learning experience. They are given a chance to learn at their own pace, so slower students do not feel left behind, and those who are advanced are not bored or losing interest because they are held back. Left to learn at a pace that fits their learning style, students develop feelings of success that prompt them to want to do even more.

You may have questions about the advantages of online school for your child. We invite you to contact Wisconsin Virtual Learning to find out more about our curriculum and how we may be able to help your child have an exciting and fulfilling educational experience.