Activities & Clubs

Wisconsin Virtual Learning believes that every student should be offered multiple opportunities for involvement in socially interactive, engaging and fun activities and clubs. These opportunities add to the educational experience as well as the mental, physical, social and emotional development of our students. Various interests are represented in our middle school and high school clubs, and we invite any interested student to get more information. You can visit each club’s website or speak to the WVL Faculty Sponsor for each individual club. 

All of our club meetings are well-supervised and managed by experienced faculty sponsors and assistants who are knowledgeable in the subject area. Different opportunities, assignments and challenges are offered in each club, and parent involvement is encouraged. Parents and guardians can also obtain more information or volunteer by contacting the Faculty Sponsor for each club.

mystery book club WVL

Mystery Club

Do you love a good mystery? So do we – especially when we work together to unravel them! The Mystery Club meets the second Friday of each month and is open to all WVL Middle School students. Our format changes from meeting to meeting with each new challenge: we may cooperate on a single, large mystery project, or break into teams to tackle several at once. Feel free to suggest mystery challenges to our Faculty Sponsor, Michele Scacco. For more information, visit our club webpage.

Art club

Art Club

Are you attracted to art? Do you enjoy creativity? Self-expression through art is an incredibly fulfilling experience that any WVL Middle or High School student can enjoy in Art Club. We explore different styles and techniques used in various forms of art, as well as notable artists and their contributions. Faculty Sponsor Erin Leitermann encourages any interested students to join us on the first Friday of each month at 11 AM. Develop your skills or explore the various avenues of artistic expression with a group of like-minded peers.

Music Club

Are you one of those students who frequently find your toes tapping to almost any tune? Music Club is for all those music lovers out there in WVL Middle or High School, regardless of any musical training. Music Club encourages students to express their creativity through music. Each month we explore a different aspect of music from genres and instruments to performance, and even music theory. Our Faculty Sponsor, Peter Braun, leads the club to explore different styles and types of music to spur creativity and exploration. Join us on the third Thursday of each month (unless otherwise notified). Check out our webpage for more news and information. 

Newspaper Club

Do you have a nose for news? The Newspaper Club is open to all WVL High School students and meets for an hour at noon on every third Tuesday of the month. A school newspaper is produced every semester that includes school news, sports, events, book reviews, movie reviews, recipes, student polls on current events, and more! Our club members choose and create the content, including photographs, layout, and editing. It’s lots of work and requires seamless teamwork. Check out our Spring 2021 edition of The Owl Times! Visit our club webpage to learn more, or contact our Faculty Sponsor, Beth Watson!

S.T.E.M. Club

S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, four closely connected areas of study. Their connection is from the similarities they share in theory and practice. STEM Club is for WVL Middle and High School students who enjoy challenges in the above areas. Led by our Faculty Sponsor, Trina Michalsen, we explore challenges that include engineering, coding, game design, bots, web design, and more! Join us on the third week of each month at 11 AM (day TBA). Visit our club webpage for more information. 

online social club

The Good Grub Social Club

Everyone knows that healthy social interaction is an integral part of growing up and learning. WVL Sponsors Mrs. Pfeuffer and Mrs. Wiebelhaus provide a safe, fun, and supervised opportunity for middle and high school students to interact and hang out with their peers. Students are invited to share hobbies and interests, play games, explore their creativity, and discover new interests with other students. Contact one of our sponsors for more information and suggested activities.

Student Council

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national honor society

National Honor Society

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