WVL Outings: Bookworm Gardens

WVL students, parents and staff joined together at Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan, WI, on Friday, October 12th, for our first optional outing on a beautiful autumn day! Families freely explored the botanical gardens inspired by their favorite children’s books while completing a scavenger hunt prepared by Mrs. Michalsen. Two high school students volunteered their time to read to younger students as families explored the fall-decorated gardens. Families and staff joined in the amphitheater for lunch and later participated in group activities lead by Mrs. Peerenboom, Mrs. Mielke, Mrs. Brown and Mr. Leach.  Families enjoyed singing songs and reading poems together. Students also received prizes for completing their scavenger hunt. Student’s expressed their favorites stories: Frog & Toad, The Three Bears and the Magic School Bus! This annual outing has been loved by many students and staff at Wisconsin Virtual Learning! We hope that if you were not able to join us, you will consider joining us next year!

For the 2018-2019 school year, outings will be scheduled throughout the year and will be posted on the online calendar with the specific dates, times and other details of the outings. WVL will sponsor optional outings, organized by teachers and/or parents, for students and families on a regular basis that enhance the curriculum/learning activities. While attendance is not mandatory, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet other school participants and have conversations about the children, programs and share practices that work. It is an opportunity for both the students and parents to socialize. It is our hope that the teacher and parents will work together to design and implement these activities.

Parents are responsible for the cost of transportation and any entrance fees associated with optional outings. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times. Parents and students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all optional outings.

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