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Traditional School vs. Online School Programs

Have you considered online school programs? As a parent, you naturally want the very best for your child. You also know, as a parent, that your child is a unique individual with a wholly unique set of dreams, hopes, goals, and needs. 

Traditional School vs. Online School Programs 

Of course, you want them to get an excellent education to help set them on the path to success as early as possible, but you also know it’s just as crucial for them to be happy and healthy physically and emotionally. Traditional, in-person school is simply not the best fit for many families. This is where online school programs can be a far better solution. 

Contrasting and Comparing Traditional School to Online School Programs

Traditional school, a brick-and-mortar school where students attend classes in person, has a set schedule and, in many cases, a very large student body. As a result, students who attend traditional schools can have more opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, though there are community programs that serve the same purpose in many areas. 

Online school, on the other hand, puts parents and their students in a more active role in creating their schedules and working to their strengths. Many online school programs come with smaller student bodies, as well. Clubs and social groups do exist for students in online schools, both online and in person, in many communities. 

Are Online School Programs Right for Your Family?

Parents, especially those with more than one child, know that no two children are truly alike. They all have different needs regarding learning styles, social interaction, and scheduling. It’s common for children within the same family unit to attend school differently. Some siblings attend in-person classes, while others thrive in online education. The best option for your child will come down to who they truly are as an individual, their needs, and their preferences. 

Here are things to consider when working with your child to determine whether online school programs are a good choice for them:

  • Scheduling Concerns – Some kids are high-achievers in sports or other activities which require them to travel frequently. Some have parents who travel frequently and in a manner that interferes with the traditional school schedule. If traditional school schedules seem to be a consistent source of stress for your child or family, online school programs may be a better fit. 
  • Social Needs – While it’s true that many kids need high levels of social interaction to be happy and well-adjusted, it’s also true that many introverted kids prefer to work independently and have lower social interaction needs. Some extroverted kids still do great in online school programs, but those students need social outlets outside of school to support their growth and wellness. 
  • Learning Style – The brain is fascinating and still not totally understood. What is known, however, is that there is a wide range of learning styles and that not all of them fit neatly into the traditional schooling box. For example, some students need the classroom of a traditional school to help them learn and retain more. In contrast, others find the environment so distracting that it interferes with their learning ability. 

Choosing whether to send your child to a traditional school or to enroll in one of the many incredible online school programs can be a big decision. However, there’s no right or wrong answer, and the best option will always be the one that meets more of your child’s needs so they can grow, learn and thrive. 

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