Signs it’s Time to Transfer to an Online School

Whether your child goes to a public or private school, their unique learning style, needs, or aspirations may be better served with online programming. If you’re concerned about your child’s future success at school, there are signs which may suggest better possible success with an online school.


  1. Programming not a good fit – If your child is going to public school, that school or program selection is most likely based on your home’s geographical location. If a family cannot afford private classes, a student might be stuck with programming chosen for a district’s budget reasons or school board agenda. Quite often, district programming doesn’t address the goals you and your child might have for their future.
  2. Schedule needs – Sometimes a child and/or their family require more flexibility when planning out a class and homework schedule, which serves their special learning style or lifestyle needs.  
  3. Early Graduation – Some students thrive with more challenge and do better with a more rigorous approach to their chosen career subjects. Early graduation is often easy to achieve when online students are allowed to pursue goals according to their abilities, interests, and study habits. Such a customized approach saves time and can keeps a bright student engaged and challenged.
  4. Distractions & one-on-one needs– Students with varying backgrounds often struggle with the distractions of a school environment. Online or virtual school allows parents and students to set up ideal study spaces for their unique student’s needs. Online school can allow parents to give special one-on-one help for certain subjects, as well
  5. Negative peer groups – Many students experience getting mixed-up with the wrong friends and it can be difficult to monitor their activity outside of the school during the day. Knowing who their friends are and monitoring their online activity is easier with virtual classrooms. Additionally, bullying can be an issue for some students. Academics can prosper in the safety of a loving home.   


Virtual schools have online programming which provides credentialed academic and community structure, as with traditional schools. This is all while allowing specialized scheduling, learning techniques, and choices for families with other needs. Not all children are the same and many do much better learning at a quicker or slower pace, or at varying times of day. Online school provides for many choices, making virtual school a viable solution to a number of problems encountered in public or private school enrollment. 

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