OWL Award Winners: September 2018

Our Wonderful Learners <OWL> Awards for September


Elementary School:

4K: Axl L. – Axl has attended every class and is making good progress with his lessons.

KG: Ellie F. – Ellie knows the alphabet sounds and can already write words.

1st: Grace F. – Although new to WVL, Grace already is an involved, reliable student.

2nd: Isabella F. – Isabella is a dedicated, hardworking student.

3rd: Sebastian S. – Sebastian is hard working and adjusting well to the virtual classroom.

4th: Nina M. – Nina brings energy and excitement for learning to the classroom.

Middle School:

5th: Brynn R. – Brynn has done a great job in this first month of school adjusting to a 5th grader and middle schooler. She attends her classes on time and she has completed her work and submitted it in Canvas on time. What a great start to the school year Brynn! Keep up the good work!

6th: Elijah K. – Eli has jumped right into 6th grade and is off to a solid start. He submits his work on time, adds to class discussions and is willing to ask for help when he needs it. Eli has been taking his time on his assignments and his grades show it. Keep up the great effort Eli!

7th: Joanna S. – Joanna is off to a GREAT start! Joanna has always been an independent student working in the Calvert curriculum and changed to WVL curriculum this year. Along with the curriculum change, she is also taking one of her courses on the virtual highwayaudio pathway. With all of the change, she is doing wonderful! Keep up the good work, Joanna!

8th: Calista C. – Calista is a new student to WVL and is doing a fantastic job. She has learned to navigate Canvas and is keeping up with all her work. As an independent student, Calista has demonstrated a drive to learn and excel in 8th grade. Keep up the hard work, Calista!

High School (click on the name to see the personalized video!):

Savanna V. 

Alana W.

Sophia I. 

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