Making Online School Work

The coronavirus pandemic has led many school systems to begin the new school year online. This can make many parents apprehensive about the academic success of their children. The problems of scheduling, making sure to dedicate the necessary time to lessons, and the continued stress of the pandemic only adds to the fear. This is compounded if parents work full time away from home. How can you feel secure that your children are receiving a quality education during this unprecedented time? Here are some tips to make online education work for your family.

Discover the Way Your Child Learns

Every child is different, so their educational needs will vary. Some children work best with constant instruction, some excel through independent work, and some require a blending of the two. Pay attention to your child’s personality. When you assign tasks at home, does she need you to walk her through every step, or does she prefer to complete them in her own way? Does she take charge on the playground, or does she follow along with the group? These habits can steer you in the right direction when choosing an educational path.

Keep Them Active and Engaged

Let’s face it, online classes mean that your child will be in front of a computer screen for long stretches. Make sure to schedule breaks during the day to stretch, run around, and move their bodies. If you depend on a sitter to monitor schooling while you are at work, make sure to include physical activity in the caregiver instructions. Activities like running in place, jumping jacks, or yoga are great alternatives if outside play is not possible.

Keep Them on Track

The pandemic has added stress to everyone’s lives, children included. Help reduce their stress by staying on a schedule. Wake up the same time each morning, eat breakfast, and dress for the day. This will make the day feel more normal and help your child focus. Try to keep your child away from too much news coverage, as this could increase anxiety. Encourage them to ask questions and voice their concerns. This will allow you to correct any misinformation they may hear. 

Parents worry about providing the best for their children, and education tops the list of concerns. As you prepare for the new school year, rest assured that you do not have to face the challenges alone. Wisconsin Virtual Learning offers tuition-free virtual learning for 4K-12 students and is staffed by certified teachers who can guide you in choosing the right pathway for your child. Contact us today at (262) 692-3988 or visit us here to speak with an educational expert. We look forward to partnering with you to make your child’s education the best it can be.

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