Graduation Caps - Class of 2023

Countdown to Graduation: Class of 2023 Bucket List

There is something very special and exciting about the last weeks of your senior year. It is the end of one major chapter in your life that is coming to a close, just as a new one full of promise begins. This is your chance, Class of 2023 Senior! Send your last year of high school off in style as you prepare for the new life you’re just about to begin. 

Class of 2023 – here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

  • Make a Scrapbook – Who needs a yearbook you’ll only toss in a box and forget about when you could make the perfect scrapbook highlighting Senior Year through your eyes. The journey was yours, and a scrapbook can be so much more personal. 
  • Participate in a School Outing – As an online school student, you probably already know that optional in-person outings and school events are available, but you might not have participated yet. If you haven’t (and slightly regret that now), it’s not too late!
  • Start a Virtual Book Club – A deep love of books lasts a lifetime, and one of the most rewarding experiences bookworms get is the joy of a book club. Going virtual means you don’t have to worry about who’s hosting, and you aren’t restrained by geography, something that will matter as some begin to scatter to different universities. Your Seniors Class of 2023 book club might last throughout college years and even into adulthood. It’s a great way to celebrate your last year of high school and build a foundation for a resilient friend group with shared interests that could last for decades. 
  • Write a Time Capsule Letter – Send yourself an encouraging letter from the past to read on your college graduation day. Remind yourself who you dreamed about becoming and your future endeavors with enthusiasm and tenacity! Think back fondly on what made life meaningful – family, friends, hobbies, or passions – as those will be essential in carrying out one’s dreams in the future.
  • Master (Basic) Cooking – You don’t have to be ready to take on a TV chef your first day after graduation. Getting comfortable in the kitchen and confident making a few simple staple dishes is a great idea. If you’re planning for college life in a dorm after high school, this will definitely save you from stress and hunger. 
  • Take a Safe Risk – Risky behavior is almost always a bad decision, but being completely risk-averse can make things just as difficult. The college years and all that follow them are mostly about perfecting your risk/benefit analysis skills and identifying the safe risks you should take to better your life. Give this important life lesson a momentous start by tying it to your Class of 2023 bucket list. 
  • Start a Journal – Not just about your senior year; of course, it will probably be an overarching theme at first. Journaling is a skill that helps you learn about yourself and the world around you; now is a great time to start fostering that skill.
  • Thank Someone Who Doesn’t Expect It – Every day, people work behind the scenes to support other people, cheer them on, and encourage them to be their best selves. Chances are, there is an instructor, a family member, or an administrator who’s gone more than the extra mile to support your growth. Writing a thank you letter is a great way to show that person their efforts have mattered to you, especially if they don’t expect their role in your growth to be acknowledged. 

Just like your high school journey has been uniquely yours, so should your graduation bucket list. Do what resonates with you, grab those experiences, and get excited about life after high school. Thank you, Class of 2023, for all the incredible moments shared at WVL!