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Deciding to attend an online school can raise a lot of questions. What will my day be like? How much homework will I have? Will I be able to socialize with my peers? Do I have real teachers? These are just a few that come to mind, but the one question that comes to everyone’s mind is will I be successful?  In order to help you with this question, we have surveyed staff, students, and parents to get their top ten answers on how to be successful at WVL.

  1. Have a quiet work space. Having a quiet, clean, well lit work space designated just for school is an important piece to the puzzle when someone talks about successful online students. Students can be easily distracted by a television, radio, dog barking, the doorbell ringing, etc. so the less distractions around the better.  This also means no working from bed!

  2. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to your school work. If there was one thing that students here at WVL have said, time after time, about their school work is “Don’t fall behind!”  Make sure you use a planner to organize your school day. Make sure you are turning assignments in the day they are assigned on the calendar.

  3. Ask for help when you are unsure of something. This one seems like a no brainer, but asking for help is one of the hardest steps sometimes. Remember your teachers are there to help you so don’t be afraid to send them an email asking for assistance, or attend office hours or study hall to get that clarification you need to do well on your assignments.

  4. Keep distractions at bay. Technically this one feels like it would fit under the quiet work space, but even with the quietest of work spaces, one can still face distractions such as social media. Seeing how you are doing your school work on the computer, it’s tempting to open a new tab and find yourself cruising through facebook, twitter, youtube to name a few. Our students found that if you focus on your studies and keep off of social media sites, you’ll find yourself accomplishing tasks at a faster rate.

  5. Check your grades and student email daily. Being informed about your progress and what is occurring in your classes is crucial to finding success.

  6. Stay in communication. We all know that illnesses come up unexpectedly, or maybe you have a family vacation planned that falls right during a busy school week. Being in communication with your teachers and student learning advocates will only help you during these times. They can help you plan accordingly so that you don’t fall behind in your school work.

  7. Have a basic understanding of technology. Students should be comfortable navigating around a computer and programs such as applications in Google Drive, email, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to name a few. If you are not familiar with some of these programs, don’t worry, we have plenty of how to videos to help you out!

  8. Have patience with the learning curve. Anything new takes time to get used to, and online learning is no exception. At WVL we have live and pre-recorded orientation sessions that aim to familiarize students and parents with our program; teachers host daily or weekly office hours; and there are boatloads of resources available for the taking. It is only when students don’t take advantage of these things that their learning curve is prolonged and they end up falling behind or not completing the program. Patience and effort go a long way!

  9. Dedication, need we say more? Students must be dedicated toward their studies, their schedule, and doing their best. It is vital that they read and follow directions, communicate questions, and are willing to keep working toward their educational goals, even if they are struggling and want to give up.

  10. Remember to have fun! Don’t forget to take advantage of all the different social opportunities that are available to you such as school field trips or outings, clubs, or just chatting with peers in live classes. Working in an online environment can be a lot of fun!

In addition to our own tips and tricks, here are some other resources that may be useful.

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